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Ethium Wealth was founded by Matthew Downing. Matthew completed his undergraduate studies in Commerce at Macquarie University, thereafter completing his postgraduate studies in Public Policy at Sydney University. During this time he worked at his Fathers software and hardware business; ROQQIO, working on new market development. He had a social media software business in Australia; Social Boast. And has spent extensive time living, working and studying in Singapore and Spain.

The underlying thesis of Ethium Wealth is to continually evolve a dynamic community of private capital stakeholders who gain value from each gathering.


We organize three types of gatherings to address the needs of the private capital community.

Thematic Summits

Half-day formats designed around the allocation mandates of Family Offices in the next 12 to 24 months. Typically 15 to 25 Family Offices will be in attendance as they hear from 2 to 3 fund managers speak and facilitate discussion on their domain of expertise. These are hosted in Sydney & Melbourne, with an increasing number in Perth. 


Invitation only tours for Individuals and Families to undertake a deep-dive of a region. A mix of business, political and socio-cultural experiences takes place over a 3 to 4 day itinerary. In 2024, these tours are occurring in Singapore, Taiwan and London.

Regional Retreats

An annual retreat for grandparents, parents and their children to socialize and hear from world leading thinkers on topics from succession planning,  philosophy, philanthropy and structuring.


Father & Son Retreat.

27th to 30th November 2024

A 3-day private retreat in the Southern Highlands of NSW for Fathers and their Sons.

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